September 13, 2021 10:47 pm
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A Father Speaks About the Death of his 16yr old son Ernest Ramirez Jr. after he received the COVID19 Vaccine

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Father Ernest Ramirez Sr. shares his tragic loss that he just recently went through. Ernest Ramirez Sr. states many times that if he would have known about the side effects and risks then he would have never allowed this to happen.

This is literally a product of big tech suppressing the truth that could have saved a life. Alex Jones does a good interview with the father.

Father Who Lost Son to COVID Vaccine Speaks Out After Big Tech Censorship

Ernest Ramirez of joins The Alex Jones Show to tell the story of his son who he lost after a deadly reaction to the Pfizer COVID injection, censored by Big Tech.
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Ernest Ramirez Jr. Nov. 11th 2004 – Apr. 24th 2021

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