November 24, 2020 3:36 pm
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abc correspondent immediately takes off mask when he thinks he isnt on camera
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White House Correspondent Jon Karl of ABC has just been caught red-handed on camera removing his mask in the White House briefing room when he thought the cameras were off.

Jonathan Karl, the writer of the book Front Row at the Trump Show, was captured on video in the briefing room. He stood up, looked around and, not seeing any of what he thought might be active cameras, took his mask off.

There were people around him, but as can be seen in the video, most of them had their heads down at the time and weren’t taking notice of him.

Karl has been a vociferous critic of Trump over the past four years, and, according to his book, even before that. Ironically, he has also publicly and loudly engaged at least once in mask-shaming of his colleague and fellow White House correspondent, Fox News’s John Roberts, according to The Hill.

Karl at that time went as far as to post a picture of the maskless Roberts. Roberts claimed that he was more than six feet away from the closest person at the time, which was allowed under the rules since it was an outdoor gathering, and did put a mask on once the briefing started. Karl didn’t consider it a valid argument back then. It should be noted that Karl took his mask off indoors and was less than six feet from the nearest person at the time.

This is not the first time a major figure in the press has been caught maskless on camera. Back on May 15, a CNN White House correspondent, Kaitlan Collins, did the very same thing, taking her mask off as soon as she thought the cameras had stopped rolling, according to the New York Post

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