December 29, 2020 1:32 pm
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Alec Baldwin, who has spent the last 4 years claiming Donald Trump is a “fraud” is getting smacked in the chops with a huge fist-full of KARMA right now.

And it’s delicious to behold…

It looks like he and his wife have been running some kind of “heritage scam” and everyone in the media and Hollywood fell for it.

His wife, who is a white woman, born in Boston under the name Hillary Hayward-Thomas, has transformed herself into the next “Penelope Cruz,” complete with a fake accent and the inability to understand what a “cucumber” is…


People she went to school with are speaking out:

Hillary went online and posted a video where she tried to explain away all the fraud, claiming she would get confused easily because she spoke both English and Spanish.


That’s her reasoning for forgetting what a “cucumber” is…This woman was born in Boston and grew up in the U.S., for crying out loud.

Here’s her nutbag husband Alec speaking with Howard Stern, and using an “accent” to impersonate his wife speaking to him.

Good lord.


The video Hillary made to “explain” everything apparently didn’t do the trick. People on the left are furious that yet another white woman has appropriated “immigrant culture” and took attention away from actual immigrants.

And she’s getting mocked relentlessly online.

Hillary isn’t handling the backlash very well.

She returned to social media with a new video where she claims that she’s said her “piece” and she’s so “tired” and is being a “bad mom” because of this scandal, and then if that wasn’t enough, she declared she was leaving social media for a very long time…

She also included a bizarre Spanish text to her brother at the end of the video.

Very weird.

You can watch the video below:

However, just three-short-hours later Hillary was back online, posting breastfeeding pictures of her and her son.

From Daily Mail

Just hours after announcing she would be taking a break from Instagram amid controversy over her Spanish heritage, Hilaria Baldwin returned to the social media platform with a slew of new family photos.

Hilaria, 36, posted a throwback snap of herself eating pizza as she breastfed her newborn son Eduardo on Monday, along with several other snaps to her Instagram stories.

‘I never posted our first meal together post Edu’s birth. His was starting breastfeeding, mine was pizza. Still in the delivery room. You all know how good that first meal is,’ Hilaria captioned the breastfeeding snap.

video alec baldwins wife has online meltdown after backlash from spanish scandal

Wow. It’s like she’s now trying to manipulate her followers into feeling bad for her because she’s a mom.

Kookoo for cocoa puffs!

Seems like Alec found someone as crazy as he is, huh?

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