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Anti-Semitic Slurs Surged on Gab, 4chan After Trump’s Election, ADL Finds


Racist slurs, and anti-Semitic slurs in particular, have steadily increased on two forums popular with the far right after President Trump’s election, a new study finds.

The Anti-Defamation League analyzed Gab and 4chan’s /pol/ board, digital hubs for white supremacists, and found racist attacks also spiked after Trump’s inauguration and the right-wing 2017 Charlottesville march. The overall trend is a near-continuous rise in racist slurs, with anti-Semitic slurs rising at an especially notable rate.

Anti-black and anti-Semitic posts were declining on 4chan’s /pol/ before Trump’s election, according to the ADL. On November 1, 2016, the words “Jew,” “black” “k*ke” or “n***er” each appeared in approximately 2 percent of all /pol/ posts. At that time on Gab, results for “k*ke” and “n***er” were negligible, with results for “Jew” and “black” hovering just under and just over the one-percent mark, respectively.

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