March 21, 2021 8:55 pm
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Antifa, BLM and other Socialists March in Lansing against “F**king Police” — Stop and Harass Homeowner with Trump Flag in Window

young democrats antifa blm and socialists march in lansing against fking police stop and harass homeowner with trump flag in window

Young Democrats, Socialists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists marched in Lansing, Michigan against the f**king police.

Via Brandan Gutenschwager

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The crowd of hundreds marched through residential neighborhoods in Michigan’s capital city.

Several Soviet flags were spotted in the march.

The leftist mob stopped by a home with a Trump flag and “Back the Blue” flag to harass and threaten its owner.
The mob went up on the yard and screamed at the homeowner in the window.

It was another day of threats by the American left in another American city.
Don’t expect the media to report on this.

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