June 2, 2020 9:18 pm
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Antifa thugs messed with the wrong town.
Several antifa thugs traveled to Yucaipa, California this week to try to stir up some trouble.
The men in town chased the punks and beat the snot out of them.


Todd Starnes reported:

A small gang of Antifa thugs tried to stir up trouble in Yucaipa, California – but it turns out they messed with the wrong town. Video shows citizens turning out in large numbers to chase the thugs out of town.

“They just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys,” said an unidentified man who was filming the beat down. “The Antifa guys are not doing well at all here. They’re getting the **** kicked out of them.”

At least one of the Antifa thugs lost his shirt and one of his shoes as he was chased around a parking lot.

“You can’t come to Yucapia with this ***,” the videographer said.

The Antifa thugs finally got the message and scampered off – but not before a local resident offered a helping hand.

“Hey homie,” the man yelled. “Here’s your shoe, dog.”

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1 month ago

Please remember the man being beaten up in this video was from your guys’s side. everybody in this video and that is beating up these young children on the George Floyd side have committed a felony by beating up children under the age of 18 all of your faces will be taken to the police and I hope to see you serve Court time for this. Antifa doesn’t want to come to yucaipa nobody gives a s*** about us. everybody who is on that side was trying to demonstrate what a peaceful protest is nobody wanted to see the kopper… Read more »

15 days ago
Reply to  Nofakenews

There he is, posting lies to everyone here too. Go away dude. Your name is an oxymoron, as you perpetuate FakeNews.

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