June 2, 2020 5:54 am
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at least five police reportedly shot one on life support as rioters across country attack law enforcement

At least four police officers in St. Louis, Missouri, were shot and another was killed in Las Vegas on Monday night, according to multiple reports.


The shootings come amid days of protests and violent riots in dozens of cities as law enforcement struggles to enforce curfews and prevent looting. One U.S. Marshall was reportedly killed in Las Vegas after being shot in the head outside a federal courthouse. Some reports say he may still be on life support, however. Four St. Louis officers were also shot, according to multiple local reports, but all remain conscious and are expected to recover.

The shooting in St. Louis came during a prolonged shootout between police and an unknown number of rioters early Monday morning. Numerous videos on social media show civilians panicking in their vehicles as dozens of shots ring out.

In New York City, footage shows rioters appearing to gang up on a lone officer in the street. Hours later in Buffalo, New York, a rioter in an SUV reportedly plowed through a group of police and National Guard members. (RELATED: ‘Mommy And Daddy’ Escort ‘Antifa Kid’ Suspected Of Kicking Off Riot To Turn Himself In)

Another SUV full of suspected looters crashed into an NYPD officer in Greenwich Villiage, according to the New York Daily News. Another officer was struck in the Bronx in what appears to be a separate incident. (RELATED: More Than 4,400 People Arrested During Riots Across The Country)

Chicago’s police department reported 699 arrests and 132 wounded officers since protests and riots began.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.