September 9, 2020 12:53 pm
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Biden Records Are Public, Judicial Watch Argues In DCNF Lawsuit Against University Of Delaware

From The Daily Caller:

Judicial Watch announced Wednesday that it filed an opening brief in its joint lawsuit with the Daily Caller News Foundation against the University of Delaware for access to all the records from former Vice President Joe Biden’s Senate career that are housed in the university’s library.

The brief challenges two opinions issued by Delaware Deputy Attorney General Dorey L. Cole, who said that the university did not violate the state’s Freedom of Information Act law in denying requests submitted by Judicial Watch and the DCNF on April 30 for all records stored in the Biden library. The denied requests also sought any agreements pertaining to the storage of Biden’s Senate records and any logs or sign-in sheets recording any individuals who visited the location where the records are stored.

But the brief Judicial Watch submitted on behalf of the DCNF notes that the university has never explained how none of its approximately $120 million annual state appropriation is used to support the Biden library. The brief also asks the Superior Court of Delaware to order the university to search for any records that indicate the Biden library is supported by public funds.

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