JoshWho Hosting Current Promos for 2022

Active Promotions Dedicated Servers Offers Discount Description End date Current Price New Price Dedicated Atom 1 10%OFF Choose a 3 or 6 month billing period and get 10% or 20% OFF from the monthly price 2023-08-04 $37.00 /mo $33 .30 /mo  Order 1 Xeon E3 v5 10%OFF Choose a 3 or 6 month billing period and get […]

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Linux How to – Iptables block common attacks and exploits 2022

Following list summaries the common attack on any type of Linux computer: Syn-flood protection In this attack system is floods with a series of SYN packets. Each packets causes system to issue a SYN-ACK responses. Then system waits for ACK that follows the SYN+ACK (3 way handshake). Since attack never sends back ACK again entire […]

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Here’s Why DDoS Attacks Have Become a Bigger Threat

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are no longer top of mind; however, today DDoS attacks are an even bigger threat than ever before. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation due to growth in digital services. The ever-increasing number of devices being exposed to the internet, the ever-growing dependency of organizations on these digital services […]


Python programming language: This training will jump-start your coding career

Computer programming is a rapidly growing career path, but what’s the best language for beginners? This affordable training bundle schools you in the answer. The world’s most popular programming language isn’t Java or JavaScript – it’s Python. The general-purpose programming language has been around for decades, but it’s used today more than ever in everything […]


Coding vs programming: What is the difference?

In the 21st century, “learn to code” has become a mantra of sorts for a certain kind of person. And yes, for many people, coding is a great first or even second career choice after attending universities, coding bootcamps, or one of the best online coding courses. But the related terms you see online are […]

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How to Run Windows on Your Mac

The long-running Macintosh-Windows rivalry is the Ali-Frazier battle of personal computers. Microsoft’s camp crows about Windows’ market share dominance. Apple’s corner brags about the Mac’s popularity among the creative types and cool kids, reinforced in the late 2000s by Apple’s famous Mac Guy vs. PC Guy TV commercials. Yet, while Microsoft recently pushed out Windows […]

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Best website monitoring tools and services 2022

What is website monitoring software? Website monitoring software repeatedly tests whether your website is available. If it is, the system simply records that everything is okay. If your site doesn’t respond as expected, the system can alert you of the outage. For instance, when a major website or service such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, […]