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Linux How to – Iptables block common attacks and exploits 2022

Following list summaries the common attack on any type of Linux computer: Syn-flood protection In this attack system is floods with a series of SYN packets. Each packets causes system to issue a SYN-ACK responses. Then system waits for ACK that follows the SYN+ACK (3 way handshake). Since attack never sends back ACK again entire […]

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Here’s Why DDoS Attacks Have Become a Bigger Threat

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are no longer top of mind; however, today DDoS attacks are an even bigger threat than ever before. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation due to growth in digital services. The ever-increasing number of devices being exposed to the internet, the ever-growing dependency of organizations on these digital services […]

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How to Run Windows on Your Mac

The long-running Macintosh-Windows rivalry is the Ali-Frazier battle of personal computers. Microsoft’s camp crows about Windows’ market share dominance. Apple’s corner brags about the Mac’s popularity among the creative types and cool kids, reinforced in the late 2000s by Apple’s famous Mac Guy vs. PC Guy TV commercials. Yet, while Microsoft recently pushed out Windows […]

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Best website monitoring tools and services 2022

What is website monitoring software? Website monitoring software repeatedly tests whether your website is available. If it is, the system simply records that everything is okay. If your site doesn’t respond as expected, the system can alert you of the outage. For instance, when a major website or service such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, […]

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The hidden costs associated with traditional web development

The time and money spent to build and maintain your business’ website extends far beyond the price tag of the initial software and build. By Vikas Bhagat, Director of Product Marketing at Webflow For years, enterprise web development has required engineering teams to make regular, sometimes cumbersome software and maintenance updates. But from cloud-based software […]

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5 Leaders Leveraging The Power Of Web 3 To Build The Future

The world of technology is venturing into uncharted territory. It feels a lot like the late ’90s out there, where a collective effort pushed online experiences into new realms of efficiency and effectiveness. Now, on the cusp of Web 3, interoperability and participatory culture are well established. Consumer demand is rising for something new. Technology […]


Gatekeeper Free Opensource DDoS Protection

What is Gatekeeper? Gatekeeper is the first open source DoS protection system. It is designed to scale to any peak bandwidth, so it can withstand DoS attacks both of today and of tomorrow. In spite of the geographically distributed architecture of Gatekeeper, the network policy that describes all decisions that have to be enforced on […]