August 24, 2020 8:13 pm
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chris wallace this race is absolutely up for grabs

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace explained why he feels the 2020 presidential race is “absolutely up for grabs” during a Monday afternoon appearance on “Bill Hemmer Reports.”

As the Republican National Convention began in Charlotte, North Carolina, anchor Bill Hemmer broke down the most recent polling showing how close of a toss-up the state is, then asked Wallace to explain how he sees things “breaking right now.”


“Well, North Carolina, obviously, is a toss-up,” Wallace explained. “I think you’d say nationally at this point Joe Biden is ahead. He has had a steady lead. Sometimes it goes to double digits. More often it’s more around where it is now, around seven points.”

Wallace argued that while “Biden is leading,” the overall race “is absolutely up for grabs.”

“You’ve got the Republican convention this week,” he said. “You’ve got three presidential debates. Who knows what happens to the coronavirus and the economy over the next 71 days? So, you know, fasten your seat belts. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.”

The Fox News anchor went on to analyze President Donald Trump’s key role in the convention. (RELATED: Frank Luntz Says Recent Polling Trends Have ‘Definitely’ Been ‘In Donald Trump’s Favor’)

“I think Donald Trump thinks, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t think it, that the best weapon Donald Trump has and the thing that appeals most to the Trump base, is Donald Trump,” he said. “If he’s the top talent, if he’s the top star, why not put him on the stage as often as you can?”