February 26, 2021 3:31 pm
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CPAC Crowd Applauds as Rep. Gaetz Rips Liz Cheney

Congresswoman Liz Cheney made some waves this week when she publicly differed with the rest of House GOP leadership on Donald Trump’s big CPAC speech. Cheney — one of the few House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump — has made it clear she doesn’t think Trump should be the future of the party.

When Congressman Matt Gaetz spoke at CPAC Friday — proudly calling himself a “Florida man” — he went on a tear against Cheney to applause from the crowd.

Gaetz talked about “whip[ping] the establishment,” and then added, “Speaking of people who ought to lose primaries…”

“If Liz Cheney were on this stage today, she would get booed off of it!” Gaetz said.

As the crowd cheered, he continued, “What does that say? The leadership of our party is not found in Washington D.C., you are the energy, we are America, that’s why they’re in the eight square miles of Washington D.C., and we’re here in the Sunshine State of Florida.”

Gaetz acknowledged that Trump “may not have drained the swamp all the way yet,” but added, “If you want to finish the job, maybe hire a Florida man.”

“We’ve drained swamps before. We’ve faced down the alligators and the pythons and the lizards and a mosquito as big as grapefruit.”

You can watch the clip above.

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