February 7, 2021 10:02 am
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Deceased likely to receive stimulus checks again under Biden $1.9T plan

Deceased individuals are likely to receive coronavirus relief funding again under President Biden’s new plan despite a relatively possible easy fix, says a government waste expert.

If Congress passes Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, the same mistakes that led to nearly $1.4 billion being sent to deceased Americans last year will happen again, says president of Citizens Against Government Waste Tom Schatz.

Schatz told Just the News there is a simple fix. `

“[T]he problem that caused the money to go to these people last time has not been fixed, and it’s a relatively simple fix,” Schatz said. “The Social Security Administration has what’s called the master death file. It is not shared with the Internal Revenue Service, it is shared with other agencies, but not the one where you would really want it to be shared, which is the IRS.”

Schatz said there must be legislation to change this oversight.

“And there has been legislation to change that,” Schatz said. “Because apparently it requires a law for one agency to share information with another. And if they don’t fix that, which I do not see in this 1,000-plus page bill, they are going to once again send checks out to dead people.” 

Biden and Democrats are pushing this legislation through and hundreds of millions of dollars may end up in the wrong accounts — at a time when many Americans could use that money for struggling businesses.

“So if somebody paid taxes two years ago, or last year, and has now passed away, that check is going to show up,” he said. “And of course, there’s fraud related to that as well, people keeping the names of their deceased relatives or parents or siblings and just collecting checks, and they would qualify too, unfortunately.”

According to Schatz, unless something is changed in the legislation, this money will be lost to waste and fraud — but is this really a shock for a government run program?

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