April 5, 2021 11:15 pm
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Deep Dive (April 5): Over 500 Million Facebook Accounts’ Data Leaked
deep dive april 5 over 500 million facebook accounts data leaked

Over 500 million Facebook accounts could be at risk after a hacker released the data online for free. Facebook claims the information is old, from 2019. But concerns remain around how secure personal information collected by social media platforms is.

The Biden administration’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is facing pushback on Capitol Hill. But President Joe Biden could push the controversial package through without Republican support. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said on CNN Sunday that Biden would prefer to win Republican backing for the infrastructure plan, but if he doesn’t get GOP backing, he’d likely back the same procedural strategy of “reconciliation” that Democrats used with the American Rescue Plan to get the American Jobs Act passed without the need for any GOP votes.

And 13 states are suing the Biden administration over the $1.9 trillion relief package because of tax cut restrictions. The complaint in the lawsuit alleges that the provision, known as the Federal Tax Mandate, is “one of the most egregious power grabs by the federal government in the nation’s history.” The states said it violates the Tenth Amendment, as the provision sets out how states use federal funds with regard to tax cuts.

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