March 23, 2021 1:08 pm
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Derek Maltz: China ‘dominating the money laundering business in America for the cartels’

Former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Special Operations Division Derek Maltz on Monday claimed that the Chinese “are dominating the money-laundering services business in America for the cartels”.

In an appearance on “The Sara Carter Show” podcast, Maltz and host Sara Carter discussed security issues surrounding the deteriorating situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, when the conversation shifted toward the Chinese government.

“The Chinese now are dominating the money-laundering services business in America for the cartels,” Maltz charged, arguing that they are “picking up the cash and they are moving money from one Chinese bank account to another on their smartphones”.

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“We can’t do much about that,” Maltz continued. “They’re using encrypted apps, and they’re moving money, and then they’re buying consumer goods over in China, they’re shipping the goods into South America or Mexico—wherever—and they’re selling the goods, and everybody’s making money. And the poor law enforcement is in the dark because the laws are so antiquated. And these are […] countries around the world that are making a lot of money off the drug problem in America.”

Furthermore, Maltz went on to claim that “They have Chinese nationals—young kids—running around the country picking up millions of dollars, they give it to businessmen and Chinese businessmen in the U.S. because there’s an export limit of $50,000 a year out of Beijing, so they need cash here to buy houses, to buy property, […] to put their kids in school. So they pay cash.”

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Maltz then alleged that they are also “buying real estate all over the country” and installing “state-of-the-art marijuana grow[ing] operations in these houses. And they’re selling this very pure THC—very high purity pot—around America. So they’re buying houses with drug money in cash, then they’re selling the drugs all over the country. So again, they’re destabilizing the country by pushing massive amounts of drugs and providing a service to the cartels.”

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“Last thing: if the cartels do not have their money, and they do not have their chemicals, they can’t produce the drugs. So what are we waiting for? Why are we not hitting these labs? Why are we not stopping the money? Why are we not dealing with this?” Maltz concluded. “It’s got to be put on steroids, we have to have a state of emergency here for law enforcement to go after this problem because kids are dying at record levels.”

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