December 19, 2020 12:07 pm
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Dominion Whistleblower Trying to Speak With Dominion CEO on Live Interview About Fraud
dominion whistleblower trying to speak with dominion ceo on live interview about fraud

Melissa Carone, the Dominion contractor and whistleblower, attended a Trump Caravan Rally in Michigan on Dec. 18 to further spread her testimony and tell people that she did see fraudulent activity at the polling center she was staffed, including the fact that the machines were connected to the internet.

“And I’m not going to stop,” she added.

Carone has said in multiple media interviews that though the Dominion CEO testified yet again that there was no vote switching, he was not credible and deliberately gave people the run around.

“He’s a liar, and I’m currently in the process of trying to speak with him in person,” she said, and she hopes to do it live on One America News Network. “90 to 95 percent of what he said was a lie.”

Many whistleblowers and elected officials who have shown public support for the president and a fair election have come under attack by the left, but Carone says she knows she has support.

“I’m here to support Trump, and to support Trump supporters,” Carone said. “My country encourages me, my president encourages me, my children encourage me, and my family encourages me. The fact that Biden did not win this election encourages me. If Biden became president we wouldn’t have a free republic, America would never be the same.”

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