January 18, 2021 4:44 pm
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first lady melania trump sends farewell message

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First Lady Melania Trump delivered a farewell message to the American people on Monday as the Trump family is set to vacate the White House for President-elect Joe Biden.

“My fellow Americans, it has been the greatest honour of my life to serve as First Lady of the United States,” Trump said.

“I have been inspired by incredible Americans across our country, who lift up our communities through their kindness and courage, goodness and grace,” she said.

Melania Trump said that she particularly took inspiration from American servicemen, “brave young soldiers” who want to serve America.

“To every service members and to our incredible military families: You are heroes, and you will always be in our thoughts and prayer,” Trump said.

She also thanked American police, saying that “we are forever in your debt.”

The First Lady later turned her attention to coronavirus, saying that she is thankful of “all of the nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals, manufacturing workers, truck drivers, and so many others who are working to save lives.” She further asked American to use caution during the coronavirus pandemic, declaring “every life is precious.”

Melania went on to talk about her Be Best campaign, following a tradition whereby the First Lady takes on a cause of their own. The campaign was meant to promote youth wellbeing, particularly in opposition to cyber bullying and drug use.

“I launched Be Best to ensure that we as Americans are doing all we can to take care of the next generation,” Trump said. “Be Best has concentrated on three pillars: wellbeing, online safety, and opioid abuse.”

“In a few short years, I have raised awareness of how to keep children safe online. We have made incredible progress on our nation’s drug epidemic and how it impacts the lives of newborns and families, and we have given a voice to our most vulnerable children in our foster care system.”

Trump boasted the campaign’s efforts abroad, saying “it has been an honor to represent the American people abroad.”

“To all the people of this country, you will be in my heart forever,” Trump affirmed as her speech came to a close. “God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.”

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