January 14, 2021 6:38 pm
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FOIA Request to FBI Says It Never Looked at Seth Rich’s Laptop in Their Possession for Years – Does Anyone Believe This?

breaking in foia request fbi says it never looked at seth richs laptop in their possession for years does anyone believe this

In response to queries related to the Seth Rich case, the CIA has now refused to say whether it framed Russia in the Trump – Russia collusion scam.  In addition, the FBI says it never looked at Seth Rich’s laptop in their possession.

We’ve been following the Seth Rich case for years as the MSM has ignored the story labeling it a conspiracy theory. Seth Rich was a young DNC employee who was murdered in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2016. His death was labeled a robbery but none of his personal items were taken. Many suspect that Rich provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks in the fall of 2016 before the Presidential election.

Nearly all entities involved in the case have been reluctant to release any information related to the case. The FBI, DOJ and Intel Communities have consistently stalled efforts to obtain any related investigative material related to the case.

Today Attorney Ty Clevenger, who represents a client related to the case, reported that he received a reply from the CIA and FBI regarding his FOIA requests.

The Central Intelligence Agency will neither confirm nor deny that it fabricated the Russian “fingerprints” in Democratic National Committee emails published in 2016 by Wikileaks and “Guccifer 2.0.”, and the FBI implicitly acknowledged today that it never reviewed the contents of DNC employee Seth Rich’s laptop despite gaining custody of the laptop after his murder.

The revelations came in two separate Freedom of Information Act lawsuits filed by my clients in the Eastern District of Texas. For those of you who live under a rock, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange strongly inferred in a 2016 interview that the leaked DNC emails came from Mr. Rich, while the political / bureaucratic / media establishment has steadfastly maintained that the emails were hacked by agents of Russia.

We have yet to get to the bottom of the Seth Rich murder and we have yet to determine who provided the emails to WikiLeaks before the 2016 election. We know there is no evidence it was the Russians.

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