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Forget Everything You Know About Sake

Courtesy Adam Park

I’ve had a somewhat bumpy relationship with sake, starting with bad, cheap, warm glasses in dodgy, pseudo “Asian” restaurants in Scotland.

Things changed when I began to regularly visit Japan and discovered that sake wasn’t flabby and pungent, but light, clean, and delicately complex. This revelation was then ruined thanks to a late-night drinking competition. I lost. Badly. The forfeit was drinking a carafe of sake in one go. It wasn’t wise. I’m not proud. The resulting hangover meant I couldn’t face sake for almost two years. After a suitable period of penance, I began visiting breweries, trying to get my head around the process of creating the rice-based beverage.

It quickly became obvious to me that this was one of the world’s greatest beverages. It was fresh, lightly fruity, aromatic; it went with delicate Japanese food.

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