November 24, 2020 7:08 pm
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watch ga poll manager not only submitted sworn affidavit on election improprieties she put her name face on video too

The media and Dems are sitting around, yawning over election fraud and asking “where’s the evidence?”

Meanwhile, slews of Americans have filed official and sworn affidavits claiming they’ve witnessed “improprieties” or have been asked to do something “illegal,” and nobody seems to care.

Apparently, it’s not “evidence” when Americans come forward with their real names and faces and swear about what they’ve seen under oath…but when an anonymous Deep State flunky gives second-hand info it’s enough to impeach the President of the United States.

That’s called two-tier justice. The elites get whatever they want, while the peasants are left with nothing.

But we continue to fight on, and that’s precisely what Susan Voyles, a veteran GA elections poll manager did when she submitted a sworn affidavit detailing election fraud — and then she took it one step further and made a video to share the info.

If that’s not a real whistleblower, I don’t know what is.

From Big Leadue Politics

Susan Voyles is a veteran Georgia elections poll manager who submitted a sworn affidavit in a Trump campaign lawsuit against Georgia’s Secretary of State. She recounts some of the most significant improprieties she witnessed participating in the recount of Georgia’s election, which Joe Biden supposedly won by around 13,000 votes.

Voyles, who has done elections work for twenty years, describes counting an unusual “pristine” batch of absentee ballots that were cast 98% for Joe Biden. She states that the packaging containing these absentee ballots was unlabeled by the Secretary of State.

“We came to one batch- it was surprising, it was stark- having done this for years, I’m very familiar with how the ballots work, how they fold, how they feel, their general appearance- these ballots appeared as though the first one had been bubbled in by a person and all of them were replicated, exactly the same.

We were further alarmed that in our count 98% of these ballots were for Joseph R. Biden. Two were for Donald Trump.

That’s a very odd count. My coworker agreed with me that there was something very unusual about these ballots.”

Voyles even suspects that the unusual ballots she counted in the recount were filled out with a marking device.

“Every single ballot was absolutely identical, and they appeared to be printed with some sort of marking device.”

We’ve heard this claim several times before about the “pristine” mail-in ballots with no folds and wrinkles.

That’s impossible if you mail a ballot in.

As we move deeper and deeper into this 2020 election sludge, more and more disturbing things are becoming clear. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the Dems used “mail-in ballots” to create mass chaos and as a cover so they could massively stuff ballots without it seeming “odd.”

People need to ask themselves: why did they stop counting on election night when Trump was ahead, and then suddenly, hours later all these “votes” for Biden were discovered?

This has not been a “fair” election and the process has not been the least bit transparent. We must keep fighting the good fight because we’ve been robbed by the demonic Dems.

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