July 5, 2020 2:25 pm
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A group of heavily armed protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta on Saturday. Many of the protesters carried rifles, including military-type weapons, and ammunition belts.

In a video shared online, one member of the group also spoke about the reason they chose the location, describing the park to fellow members of the group as the “birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan” – referring to how it was restarted atop the mountain in 1915.

“I want the heart of the Ku Klux Klan to hear me no matter where the f*** you are,” he said. “I’m in your house. Where you at? You made a threat. We don’t threaten.”

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dale savage
dale savage
1 month ago

Bullshit. A bunch of thugs threatening something to do with KKK in 1915 (105 years ago?) and standing around looking tough saying we don’t threaten?? Horseshit!!! Is that the gun that Chuckie Schumer was holding above his head in Congress, sobbing and saying we had to get rid of??? Of course the Hyprocites wanted to get rid of them EXCEPT for these guys. Well, I know you are looking for fights and you are the Bullies and there are a lot of people with a lot more honesty than you that also have these same guns still and we’re here… Read more »