September 15, 2020 8:59 pm
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hillary walks into a benghazi firestorm with this incredibly tone deaf tweet

Hillary just walked into a big pile of doo doo yesterday when she had the audacity to attack Trump for not caring if his fellow Americans “live or die.”

She is literally the LAST person who should be taking jabs like this, with the biggest of them all being Benghazi, where she let four Americans die.

Users on Twitter were sure to remind her of that inconvenient truth:

“Really! Benghazi! You didn’t care about 4 Americans”

“This is rich coming from someone with more confirmed kills that Chris Kyle…”

“Did you or Joe Biden care about the Americans in Benghazi?”

“Like you cared about our people at Benghazi, huh Cankles? Disgusting creepazilla.”

“Yes we do! Thank God we finally have a President who does!! #Trump2020”

Man, she got absolutely lambasted!

She should really have someone proofing these tweets, cause that one should’ve never seen the light of day.

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