May 28, 2020 5:23 pm
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Riots and looting have kicked off in St. Paul after a night of violence, chaos and destruction in Minneapolis the night before.

Law abiding citizens are being urged to avoid retail areas in St. Paul for their own safety as violent gangs of looters have began to attack cop cars with bricks and smash their way into buildings.

TRENDING: Attempted Looter Shot Dead by Pawn Shop Owner in Minneapolis — Looters Later Clean Out the Merchandise at Same Pawn Shop (VIDEO)

“Due to the potential for flash looting in Maplewood, Police are urging people to avoid retail areas until further notice,” the Maplewood Police tweeted.

The opportunistic looters claim to be protesting racism and police brutality with their disgusting actions, which have included arson.

Much like the previous day, the looting spree appeared to begin at a Target.

“Officers first responded to the Target on University Avenue around 11:30 a.m. and found between 50 and 60 people grabbing merchandise off the shelves without paying, said St. Paul police spokesman Steve Linders. Many dropped the goods and ran when authorities arrived,” the Star Tribune reports.

The mob also attacked Cub Foods, a local shoe store, and several other businesses by late afternoon.

Officers from St. Paul who went to Minneapolis to help fight the crime and arsonists have returned to their city to help defend it.

They have now used tear gas in an attempt to disperse the criminals.