October 13, 2020 9:49 pm
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jason whitlock china is 1000 times more racist than us

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock criticized the Chinese government Tuesday night, accusing it of being “1,000 times” more racist than the United States.

“Look, China has 1.4 billion citizens,” Whitlock told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night. “China is spending a lot of money trying to undermine America and American culture. This is what communist-run countries do. They smear the West and America as racist. Meanwhile, they are 1,000 times more racist than America. 1,000 times.”

Whitlock also criticized the NBA for continuing to do business with China despite the country’s various human rights violations, most notably as it relates to the “re-education camps” for the Muslim Uighur population in the country.

Whitlock has been a vocal critic of the NBA’s relationship with China as well as the league’s Black Lives Matter messaging, which some polling suggests has hurt ratings and driven fans away.

“These ratings are a disaster for ESPN, TNT, and anybody who is in business with the NBA,” Whitlock said earlier this month. “The players, led by LeBron James, drove them down this path to destruction. There is television talent at ESPN who has driven ESPN down this road to destruction too.”

Whitlock added: “LeBron and other stars go over to China every summer and make money, and that’s what drives me crazy about these guys. They’re not blind to how racist China is towards black people, but because all these elite athletes can go over there and collect a million dollars, or a half-million dollars over the summer, they just look the other way as it relates to China’s racism. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy, and it’s player-driven. It’s childish and immature.”

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