November 21, 2020 10:02 pm
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Jordan Sekulow: Put Up or Shut Up’ Starts Next Week and What’s Coming in GA Will Be Shocking
trump lawyer jordan sekulow put up or shut up starts next week and whats coming in ga will be shocking

It looks like some major things are coming down the pipe in the 2020 election.

According to attorney Jordan Sekulow, a lawsuit will be introduced on Monday that will shake the foundation on which this flimsy election stands on.

Sekulow announced that what’s going to be coming out of Georgia will be “shocking” and that what’s being called “put-up or shut-up” will be released next week.

Watch the interview:

This is all coming as Georgia certified the results of the 2020 election after a flimsy audit, which opens the door for major corruption to be uncovered.

Here’s some more info on that:

From Washington Examiner

ATLANTA — A statewide hand recount of more than 5 million votes cast for the presidential race in Georgia reaffirmed Joe Biden’s win in the Peach State but also exposed serious flaws with the state’s new $107 million voting system, something Republicans are likely to seize upon.

The audited vote totals by hand had Biden at 2,475,141, compared to President Trump’s 2,462,857, reducing Biden’s lead from about 14,000 votes to 12,284.


Once Georgia certifies the election results, the losing campaign – in this case Trump – will have two business days to request a second recount, which would be done using scanners that read and tally votes, unlike the first recount which was done by hand. The second recount would be paid for by the counties, some of which are cash-strapped due to COVID-19.

It was up to Raffensperger to select which race would be audited, and he chose the presidential one, saying it made the most sense because of the tight margin separating the candidates.

Going into the hand recount, Biden led Trump by about 14,000 votes.

Previously uncounted ballots were discovered in four counties — during the hand count. In the other counties, there were only slight differences in the results, which state election officials repeatedly said was to be expected.

Discrepancies in Georgia’s recount numbers raised some eyebrows and exposed flaws in the state’s new $107 million voting system that could have resulted in some ballots being overlooked had it not been for the hand count.

Things are definitely heating up in this investigation and many conservatives like myself are waiting with baited breath to see what unfolds.

It’s imperative that we know exactly what occurred during this election, otherwise it’s integrity will be lost forever.

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