July 19, 2020 2:33 pm
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video kamala harris debuts her new face teeth and lightened skin on al sharptons show and the reviews arent good

It looks like Kamala Harris got some work done on her face….I mean A LOT of work.

She has that Hillary Clinton “freshly buffed and lifted” look, her teeth look brand new and some people say her skin is even lighter.

There’s not a wrinkle to be had (except if you look at her neck) and those are either cheek implants or two boulders under her skin.

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Kamala debuted her new look on Al Sharpton’s low-rated show and that prompted some shocked folks to ask “What the hell happened to her face?”

It looks like Kamala got the “I’m hoping for the VP slot” special from her plastic surgeon.

It doesn’t even look like her. Very creepy.

You can watch the video below:

The problem with these women getting so much work done later in life, you can tell instantly what they’ve done by just looking at their neck.

Ladies, grow old gracefully, otherwise, you look can end up looking like a cat that was dipped in wax.

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