November 21, 2020 10:41 am
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March 2020 Chicago Election Board Approved Remote Access to Dominion for the 2020 Election – How Many Other Election Boards Did the Same Thing?

shocking in march 2020 the chicago election board approved providing remote access to dominion for the 2020 election how many other election boards did the same thing

In a video online from March 2020, the Chicago Election Board held an emergency meeting where they approved providing Dominion Voting Systems the right to remotely access their machines during the 2020 election. 

Eric Coomer from Dominion was on the call which indicates Dominion was the one running the elections around the US.

On this “Chicago Election Board – Emergency Meeting – 2020-03-19” video with Dominion Voting executives Eric Coomer, Director of Product Strategy and Security, and Nicole Nollette, EVP of Dominion Voting ON THE CALL, the board moves to allow election personnel (including Dominion Voting contractors) to telework and “work from home” due to the COVID emergency.

This allowed Dominion Voting contractor personnel, including election Systems Administrators and technicians from Dominion FULL remote access to Chicago election systems from anywhere. Thus Dominion Voting systems administrators had free and open access (and opportunity) to tamper with our election systems and data for 7 1/2 months prior to the election.  They would have had full access to all voter registration information poll books, requests for absentee ballots, voter mailout lists, virtually EVERYTHING related to elections.

How many other election boards around the country granted Dominion Voting similar access?  Probably ALL of them in over 30 states and 2000 jurisdictions including EVERY BATTLEGROUND STATE!   They had the key to our election in their hands long before the election ever occurred.

And why were two executives from Dominion Voting even invited to an emergency meeting of the Chicago Election Board in March 2020?

This video shows that Dominion was running the show in US elections around the country.  Who allows contractors to run elections?  This appears to be the standard across the country as well.

Watch the whole vid here

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