MIAB – How can we add Pagination to Admin User Email List Mail in a Box 2022

Trying to get the Mail In a Box team to add pagination to the admin userlist email page.

MIAB is a really great project and I have been recommending it to people for a long time, but little things like this is what’s wrong with this world. People are happy with incomplete broken projects for some reason. In conclusion they Move this request to the unsupported Modules section where it will slowly die and never be discussed again.

How the f%&k is pagination for a user table that has more than 1k listing not a priority for the Admin GUI? We use to call these “bugs” or “hey you forgot to do this” kinda thing.

When you have a large user database the admin page takes forever to load because it is trying to load all the accounts on 1 page which is kinda silly. How can we break this up into multiple pages?

I have requested for this 3 weeks ago and theJoshData guy didn’t even acknowledge it on github at all, so I posted this in the Mail In a Box forum and this is what happend.

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MiaB is an open source project. For a change like this, the options are either create a custom solution for yourself and manage your server appropriately, or you can submit a PR to the project, but no guarantees it will be added (though it seems like a reasonable change to me).

Who can I pay to do this? Is there a dedicated team or any 3rd party devs for this? I would love for this to be a public global mod that will be released in the newest update for all to be able to use it.

Something like

$page = $_GET[“page”] ;
$start = 5 + 50 * ($page – 1);
$rows = 50;
$sql = “SELECT … FROM table WHERE … LIMIT $start, $rows”;


<li><ahref="page.php?page=1">Page 1</li>
<li><ahref="page.php?page=2">Page 2</li>

For right now I just ended up removing the inclusion to the userlist until there is a real solution for the GUI

Modify file

Line 39 just remove

<h3>Existing mail users</h3>
<tableid="user_table"class="table"style="width: auto">
<thwidth="50%">Email Address</th>

Love how this gets moved to the unsupported Modifications. WOW , just gonna keep this a incomplete project I see. Ok whatever I tried.

Closing due to inappropriate posting.

WTF?????? ^^^^


Seems to be something they always do Just witnessed this.


We just solved this issue last month and e member has a working script that 100% works with the latest update. You just have to enable php and the association for nginx

They keep discouraging people to not do this so the monopiles can run the world.

My Deleted reply message from that post.

What are your CIA, IIA?????

Google Mail, MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo,, etc …   all do this exact same thing.

Ofcourse bad actors will try to use your services, that is something everyone in the world has to deal with. If you have great administrators running your network you shouldn’t have any problems with this.

Big tech has been offering free email service to the world forever because they want your data. Let’s break the cycle.


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  1. I just have no clue how long I have left here on this planet so just trying to close some open gaps before I can’t help others anymore with things. I hope this world doesn’t just keep letting the blind lead the blind.

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