May 25, 2020 11:43 am
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music legend charlie daniels sent general flynn a very unique customized gift photo

The country is rallying around General Flynn once more. We’ve been by his side through this entire “Deep State” dive that was unleashed on him, but recently, we discovered that the FBI actually set him up, and sought to destroy his life.


Many experts believe it was all part of the underlying coup to remove President Trump from office.

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The good news is General Flynn is receiving his justice and his good name is being restored, and his friends and fans are reaching out to him in very special ways.

One of those admiring friends is music legend Charlie Daniels, who sent General Flynn a customized patriotic autographed fiddle and a photo of himself.

What a treasure.

And what a treasure for us that General Flynn took a picture with the gift.

I wonder if he knows how to play it?

If so, we must get him to perform a duet with Mr. Daniels!

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