December 4, 2020 10:39 am
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Nevada Judge Hears Evidence of Voter Fraud
nevada judge hears evidence of voter fraud

Trump Campaign lawyer Jesse Binnall presented evidence of voter fraud to Judge James T. Russell.

The hearing started with the court barring a witness declaration from being used. The court claimed that it was submitted too late, and only evidence submitted before Nov. 25 could be used.

The plaintiffs and the defendants had until 5 p.m. on Wednesday to submit their evidence.

Binnall said that there was no cybersecurity in the voting machines. Adding that and evidence from an anonymous witness dubbed Doe 1 shows that votes were changed in the “dead of night.”

He also claimed Nevada election officials avoided getting served a subpoena from Republicans but met with Democrats.

A recent audit of nearly 1,500 mail-in ballots in Nevada suggested that 2 percent of ballots were cast on behalf of voters who never received a ballot in the mail. While 1 percent of them were cast on behalf of voters who said they did not vote at all.

Given the evidence, Binnall asked the court to “grant the contest and to strike the Biden voters from representing Nevada in the Electoral College.” He said “what we can’t do is turn a blind eye to vote fraud. If we’re going to keep being the beacon of representative Democracy in the world when it goes bad—and here it went bad—we can’t just turn a blind eye to it. That’s not what we do in America. We make it right.”

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