September 3, 2020 6:54 pm
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new yorkers want a tax cut new survey says

A new survey from the Manhattan Institute indicates that New Yorkers are highly divided regarding the city’s overall direction and want to see economic conditions improve, according to Fox 5.

Of the 1,485 New Yorkers surveyed, only 46% believe the city is “generally headed in the right direction,” whereas 42% believe New York is “off on the wrong track,” Fox 5 reported. Of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, only Democrats had a majority that held positive views on the city’s trajectory.

45% of respondents approve of Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio’s job performance, per Fox 5. Andrew Cuomo, however, enjoys a 73% job approval rating. (RELATED: ‘He Better Have An Army’: Andrew Cuomo Says Donald Trump Is Not Welcome In New York)

On issue importance, 22% of New Yorkers said the economy is the biggest problem affecting the city; 21% answered crime and public safety. 12% and 11% said race relations and health care, respectively, as reported by Fox 5.

Tax cuts were the most popular policy idea floated to respondents, with 75% of respondents saying they would support cuts in city taxes.

Two-in-five respondents said if given the chance, they’d leave New York and move elsewhere.