June 24, 2020 1:29 am
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Well, this is embarrassing for the media and the Democrats. After being attacked as “racist” for using the jocular term “Kung flu” for the COVID-19 coronavirus, it turns out President Trump is not the first in government to use that term. The Obama administration used the term “Kung flu” in September 2015 for a Veterans Affairs campaign promoting flu shots. The flu shot campaign featured an image of a mask(!) wearing martial arts fighter in action.


The web page at the VA was recently taken down, however it appears in Google Cache.

The VA page contained a link to download the Kung Flu Fighter poster, but it too has been taken down.

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The Wayback Machine also saved the page and it saved the poster.


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13 days ago

This was created by the local Tennessee Valley VA (by what looks like a graphic-design-impaired intern). Has nothing to do with the Obama administration. Nice try, though!