June 3, 2020 9:01 am
Categories: Culture Wayne Dupree

If this were just peaceful protests against the police brutality and the unnecessary death of Mr. Floyd, I would have been all for this.

Instead, it was an organized riot probably paid for by operatives of the DNC and American Socialist parties designed to cause destruction and chaos from coast to coast. This is today’s Democratic party.

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The rioters knew they had pushed their luck as far as they can; they were going to be pushed back if they kept it up. Moral decay orchestrated by left-wing liberals in the last eight years before Trump administration is our serious problem.

The President had to bring the weight of the Federal Government into the fight to save the nation. That’s not a good thing, people. The Democrats allowed anarchy to prevail. Thousands of businesses destroyed, people killed, property damaged, and everything is all right now? I say again this was never about George Floyd.

You have to ask why are these people protesting. The officers lost their jobs, one has been arrested, and everybody that can investigate this is investigating it. There literally isn’t anything to be protesting. The police brutality excuse is just that. We’ve addressed that so many times in the last few years, and to the satisfaction of all minority groups, that complaints have been nonexistent.

We are running out of options, its time to meet force with force you hate to do it due to the casualties that may be involved. Its time for Trump to load up the C130s and fly over these crowds and drop job applications on these protestors, sure you may have a few trampled in the chaos as they rapidly flee back to their parent’s basements, but it is best for the country now.

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Let’s pray that protests remain peaceful. People have a right to protest peacefully. However, it takes a couple of those from outside of a group or state to upset that protest that has been organized. At this time, it turns into a riot.

Why is Trump being blamed at all? The individual cities are responsible for their police department. If the city violates state law, then the state police take the department over. A mayor or police chief in one town can NOT tell another police department how to operate. Now the real question. Who has a list of complaints and solutions?

Let me address police brutality while I am at it. One way to prevent police violence is to have the police have their insurance, like malpractice insurance. That way, there won’t be a deep pocket for claims against police brutality.

As it is now, the taxpayers have to foot the bill when the police commit their atrocities. If, however, the ins co would have to pay, they can drop bad cops if they become a risk. Once they are dropped, and no insurance company wants to insure them, they won’t be bonded and cannot be cops. It would be a “Shape up or ship out” situation. On the last note, why should we have to pay for someone else’s errors?

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