October 26, 2020 3:13 pm
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president trump takes the lead in pennsylvania

A new poll was released showing Trump pulling ahead slightly in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

The poll was conducted after the latest, and last, presidential debate. It finds Trump polling at 48 percent, with Biden at 46 percent.

This follows polls from the Trafalgar Group, a political and corporate survey research firm, showing Trump gaining an edge over Biden in Michigan (two points), Florida (also by two points), and Arizona (three points).

With just over a week till election night, Trafalgar’s findings follow closely behind the final presidential debate on Friday night, one of the final opportunities for candidates to swing voter opinion.

Trump needs all three states of Michigan, Florida, and Arizona, to have a path to victory. Trump took home all 20 of Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes in 2016.

Previous polling had shown Biden as the top contender for the presidency, but as the country closes in on a week from election day, the polls are starting to tighten up.

Gravis Marketing still shows Biden as having a lead of eight points.

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