June 29, 2020 10:17 am
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The latests Rasmussen poll reveals that nearly four out of 10 voters believe former Vice President Joe Biden has dementia. The truth of the matter is that Biden’s gaffes have raised loads of speculation if his memory and overall health will make him fit for office.

Biden has spent the majority of his campaign issuing statements from his home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. He has committed to less debates than President Donald Trump’s campaign has requested, stating he will do three out of the four debates.

Believe me, all eyes will be watching the debates.

The Rasmussen poll was released Monday, revealing that over half of the Democrats, “feel it is important for the likely Democratic presidential nominee to publicly address the issue.”

Moreover, the poll also found that nearly 38 percent of likely U.S. Voters think Biden is suffering from some form of dementia.

Forty-eight percent of voters disagree , but there are still 14 percent who are not sure.

Check out the survey question here.

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American WOMAN
6 days ago

Obiden forgot his own name. How nuts can you be when you don’t know your wife from your sister . Nothin’ new, There’s another dem who married her brother.
Don’t you think it’s time to GET THE NET? Take neurotic Nancy too.