November 6, 2020 9:46 am
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Rep. Biggs: Pres. Trump, do not concede
rep biggs pres trump do not concede

November 6, 2020

On Thursday’s episode of The Sara Carter Show, Rep. Andy Biggs, R-AZ, offered his advice to President Donald Trump amid an election still too close to call. His message to the President: “Do not concede.”

“What I would tell President Trump is, you know, don’t give up, don’t give up,” he said. “And my advice is, do not concede. I’m sounding like Hillary Clinton here, do not concede, let’s fight this thing through it is too important to give up. And that I believe that, that God put him there for a reason. And I believe that God’s going to see us through this thing. But we have to be vigilant and fight like crazy to be worthy of God’s mercy and grace in this instance.”

Painting a dark picture of the country, Biggs explained the worst-case scenario of Biden winning the race at both the ballot box and the courts and ‘the Senate falling to 50/50.’ He said it will bring about a most progressive agenda the country has ever seen and at that point “….there will be no stopping them.”

“…Whether it’s they’ll create four new Senate seats by creating states, they’ll Green New Deal, they’ll implement the biggest tax increases in the history of the country, in perhaps the history of the world, they will nationalize certain businesses that they think should be nationalized, we’ll go to a single-payer health care system that moves abortion on demand, again, federally funded everything from partial-birth to late birth, post-birth abortion, which is infanticide. That’s the worst-case scenario,” Biggs explained.


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