March 24, 2021 9:27 am
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Report: Boulder shooter was ‘previously known’ to the FBI
report boulder shooter was previously known to the fbi

The suspected gunman charged in the shooting at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store was previously known to the FBI, a New York Times report revealed.

According to the report, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a 21-year-old from the Denver suburb of Arvada, was previously known to the FBI because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau, according to law enforcement officials.

In 2018, Alissa was convicted of a misdemeanor assault against another student at Arvada West High School. Fellow classmates recall him as having a “fierce temper” that would flare in response to setbacks or slights, The Times report said.

Alissa’s brother described him as “mentally ill, paranoid and antisocial,” to the Daily Beast.

Court records show that Alissa was born in Syria in 1999 but had lived most of his life in the U.S.

Alissa purchased an AR-15-style rifle on March 16, six days before he opened fire at the King Soopers grocery store, killing 10 people, including a veteran Boulder Police Officer.

The victims of the massacre on Monday were Officer Eric Talley, 51; Denny Stong, 20; Neven Stanisic, 23; Rikki Olds, 25; Tralona Bartkowiak, 49; Suzanne Fountain, 59; Teri Leiker, 51; Kevin Mahoney, 61; Lynn Murray, 62; and Jody Waters, 65.

The Boulder shooting was the second mass shooting in the U.S. in less than a week.

“Flags had barely been raised back to full mast after the tragic shooting in Atlanta that claimed eight lives, and now a tragedy here, close to home, at a grocery store that could be any of our neighborhood grocery stores,” Colorado’s governor, Jared Polis, said at a news conference.

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