August 5, 2020 7:19 pm
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How many people need to come forward and say that they’ve witnessed Bill Clinton with Jeffrey Epstein before someone in the mainstream media decides to dig into it?

You know there’s a huge story here, right?

But they won’t. Reporters are not about “truth” nowadays. They’re just about political activism and defeating President Trump…so if anyone in the “mainstream media” was to start digging and actually report on the real Clinton/Epstein story, they’d be ostracized and then eaten-alive by the frothing-at-the-mouth liberal mob.

Bill Clinton has always downplayed his relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Even though, according to Fox News Clinton traveled on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” some 26 times. Bill claims it was all on the “up and up” and “just business.”

Yeah, sure bet, Bill. 

Then, when eyewitnesses placed Slick Willy on Epstein’s “Pedo Island,” Bill brushed it off by claiming yet another woman accusing him of something was lying.

But, “believe all women,” or something like that.

Now, we have yet another person who places Bill Clinton with Jeffry Epstein – and it wasn’t “business” or “charity work.”

It was 100% pure pleasure.

It was a lavish party filled with the “models” that were always at Jeffrey’s parties – and this person – who is a former Formula One race car driver – says he actually “partied” with Bill.

Is he also lying?

From Daily Mail 

Former Formula One race car driver Eddie Irvine revealed he once partied with Bill Clinton at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s lavish parties.

Irvine, 54, said he didn’t think anything of seeing the former president at the disgraced financer’s parties, that were also filled with stars and influential guests.

‘I remember him being around – I saw all these people around,’ Irvine, who is from Northern Ireland, said to the Belfast Telegraph.

The athlete said it wasn’t uncommon for famous faces to turn up at Epstein’s parties, which were always packed with models.

Irvine said he also saw Epstein and his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the woman who has accused the two of making her a ‘sex slave’ and abusing her for years.

‘I had no idea about that, the providing of underage girls,’ Ivine said to the Belfast Telegraph.

‘I remember seeing her (Virginia) around a few times, but I would have said she was 20 by that stage. I never saw young girls,’ he added.

So, now we’ve got flight logs showing Bill on Lolita Express where Virginia Roberts said she and other underage girls were “sex slaves,” and witnesses placing Bill on PEDO island with “young girls,” and a witness who actually partied with Bill Clinton at one of Epstein’s lavish parties filled with his usual “models.”

I wonder where this party was. Maybe the Island? Interesting that the location isn’t mentioned in the article.

Imagine if this story was about President Trump…

It would be 24/7 coverage on every cable network including Fox News and there would be calls congressional hearings and FBI investigations. I’m sure they would have been a special counsel appointed before the first commercial break on CNN.

But since it’s not, so instead of all that, it’s just crickets.

These people are disgusting cretins.