July 11, 2020 9:08 am
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The St. Louis couple who defended their home against a threatening and violent mob of BLM supporters, has been targeted and harassed by a George Soros-backed DA, and today she made her move.

The St. Louis police issued a warrant for Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s home and they confiscated Mr. McCloskey’s gun.

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Mr. McCloskey told Tucker Carlson that the mob threatened to burn his house down and kill him and his dog.

Yet, here we are, harassing and attacking the victims.

In Democrat-run St. Louis it’s okay to threaten and attack innocent Americans, but it’s not okay to protect yourself.

George Soros is very proud today…his vision and plot to destroy America are coming true.

From Todd Barnes

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the brave St. Louis couple who defended their mansion against an invading horde of thugs, tell me they have been served with a search warrant.

The warrant was executed Friday night at their home in an exclusive gated community.

Mr. McCloskey tells The Todd Starnes Radio Show that police seized the AR-15 he was photographed holding while an angry mob assembled on the lawn of his private home.

“We complied with the search warrant. They took my AR” he told me. “I’m absolutely surprised by this.”

He also said both he and his wife have retained criminal counsel.

Mr. McCloskey declined to answer any more questions, but I suspect they would be willing to go to jail before they back down.

This news should send shockwaves across the nation.

Two law-abiding gun owners protected their private property from an armed mob that tore down an iron gate and trespassed on their property.

Instead of arresting the actual lawbreakers it appears that the McCloskeys are the ones who could be in legal trouble.

It’s not safe for Americans to live in Democrat-run cities.

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