March 24, 2021 11:11 am
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Republican lawmakers invite Committee Democrats to join border trip
republican lawmakers invite committee democrats to join border trip

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) announced Wednesday that the Committee Republicans intend to travel to the southern border to hear directly from individuals affected by the border crisis.

In a letter to Chairman Jerry Nadler, the Republican Representatives asked the Committee Democrats to join them on the trip to the border.

“The Judiciary Committee—the committee with jurisdiction over our nation’s immigration laws and programs—cannot ignore this crisis. Because Democrats refuse to act, we write to notify you that Committee Republicans intend to travel to the southern border in the coming weeks,” Jordan and McClintock wrote.

“Because you refuse to convene a hearing to address this crisis—or, in fact, convene any full committee hearing—Republican Members are compelled to take matters into our own hands. We will therefore plan to use Committee funds to
travel to the southern border to observe firsthand what Democrats refuse to acknowledge and hear directly from those affected by the Biden border crisis. We welcome any Democrat colleagues on the Committee to join us.”

“The Biden border crisis is real and unfortunately getting worse. The Committee cannot continue to sit idly by and allow our nation’s borders to be erased. This crisis demands the Committee’s attention. The American people deserve far better than for Committee Democrats to ignore this threat to our national security, condone the worsening humanitarian crisis, and allow the Biden Administration to radically rewrite our immigration policies,” the letter concluded.

This letter comes one day after Sara A. Carter released shocking information from a Border Patrol whistleblower exposing “inhumane” conditions inside Texas migrant facilities.

Lawmakers are calling for immediate action from the Biden administration to alleviate the severe overcrowding and unsafe conditions of the migrants facilities.

Nadler’s team didn’t immediately respond to this reporter’s request for comment.

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