October 20, 2020 2:17 pm
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rnc trump camp launch seniors beware site to warn of bidens health care plan

October 20, 2020

Youtube: Fox News

President Donald Trump‘s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee just launched a new website honing in on former Vice President Joe Biden’s health care plan in an effort to target elderly voters called “Seniors Beware.”

Part of the RNC’s recent $60 million digital ad buy, this comes as the Biden campaign is ramping up its own marketing spending in the 14 days leading up to Election Day.

The website, consisting of just a single page, lists six alleged issues with Biden’s plan for health care. For each of these claims, the webpage lists its numbered sources at the bottom.

In chronological order, the site lists that, under “Joe Biden’s Government Run Health Care Plan”:

  1. It will cost up to $2.25 TRILLION
  2. It will raid Medicare
  3. It will raise taxes
  4. It will provide taxpayer-funded health care to illegal immigrants
  5. It will lead to hospitals being closed
  6. It will lead to the elimination of private health insurance

Throughout the 2020 campaign, health care has proven to be an issue that resonates with a lot of important voter groups, especially seniors. Democrats have made it a centerpiece issue of their 2020 campaign strategy. The Trump campaign will spend about $14 million on advertisements that target seniors and emphasizes protecting Medicare, an RNC official told Fox News.

Another motivating factor for this Trump campaign ad blitz is his current polling among seniors. While President Trump won seniors by 7 points in 2016, a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll says that this time around they support Biden over Trump by 10 points. The true answers and data, however, will only be revealed after the votes are tallied.

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Don Pmurt
Don Pmurt
October 29, 2020 8:00 am

Shame the facts presented are wrong. I was thinking maybe to sign up for trump care the none existent solution. Trump charged Rick Scott who strangely was able to escape the travesty that his company committed in illegally taking money from Medicare. Truth would be to have a replacement plan but that has never been a priority because nothing they ha4ve put together doesn’t drop people from healthcare by the millions. The high cost that people scream about is the instability of the ACA do to the constant attack from the Republican congress and now the administration also makes the… Read more »