February 2, 2021 12:48 pm
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Sara Carter: China’s crackdown on freedom could be an omen for Americans
sara carter chinas crackdown on freedom could be an omen for americans

On the “Sara Carter Show” podcast Monday, host Sara A. Carter warned listeners about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) growing threat within the United States and how the CCP’s censorship could transpire in our country.

On Monday, Myanmar‘s military staged a coup and detained senior politicians. The Myanmar military declared a year-long state of emergency following a general election in which Ms Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party won by a landslide.

“So they’re gonna basically lockdown the nation for one year because they don’t want anyone to speak out or act up. Otherwise, they’re terrorists,” Carter said. “They want to ensure that the population doesn’t speak out against what happened. That is really frightening stuff.”

Carter compared the Myanmar coup to what could transpire in the United States and noted how many Americans who speak out are also being labeled as terrorists.

“My God, look at what’s happening in the United States,” Carter said. “The most important part, I believe, of our U.S. Constitution is our First Amendment freedoms, our ability to speak out, our ability to say what we feel. It may not always be right. You may disagree with it. You could be crazy, right? It could be just talking crazy. But you’re not inciting violence. You’re not doing anything bad.”

“Now people who are speaking out are literally are being called terrorists.”

Chinese citizens who speak out against the government can face life threatening punishments, Carter noted, saying it happened to her friend Andy Chan in Hong Kong. Chan was arrested and his life was threatened for voicing his opinion as head of the Hong Kong National Party.

“A lot of people, including Andy, have been silenced. Because the threat of what can happen to them and their lives with the Chinese is unimaginable. People have disappeared. Andy’s life has been under threat. He’s been arrested multiple times, and not arrested for doing anything outside of speaking. And I want you to think about what is happening in our own country,” Carter said to her listeners.

“Freedom is precious. And we should not allow our government to take that away from us. And it is the reason why so many people overseas like in Taiwan, and Hong Kong… and Myanmar are fighting for these freedoms, for essential freedoms, just to be able to speak out and to speak up.”

“Don’t take away my voice,” she said. “Don’t take away who I am, as a human being. Don’t call people who had a difference of opinion, a terrorist. This is the United States of America. That’s what China does. That’s what China does to get away with things. We don’t do that here.”

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