August 22, 2021 6:55 pm
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Sniffin Joe Biden Couldn’t Resist – Knowing He is known as that Creepy Guy that Sniff Kids Still Does it Anyways

Biden Couldnt Resist

Last week the President and I cringe when I say that title for him Joe Biden got another opportunity to sniff a child live on tv.

What is up with all these politicians creeping, sniffing and trying to (Normalize) play off like it is normal. This is some very horrendous times and the devil is rearing its ugly head out for everyone to see.

This happened just last week when Joe Biden was honoring the Metro and Capital police departments for their “”””””BRAVERY”””””” in stop the worlds most scariest battle ever recorded in history. JK

This is just INSANE and shows how much of a clown show everything is.