March 13, 2021 7:35 pm
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Snowzilla hitting Wyoming and Colorado

Single Tree standing during a blizzard during a February snow storm in Wyoming.

It’s really coming down in Wyoming, according to my daughter Sophia. She’s watching the snowfall from her college apartment. Good thing she stopped off at Wal-Mart earlier in the day to stock up on a few supplies. She wasn’t the only one.

With only a few days are left this winter, residents of Wyoming and Colorado are going to get historical snowfall, according to AccuWeather. The snow is expected to reach a depth of 6 feet.

Bad news for my daughter who is 5′ 2.” LOL.

I told her to make sure to stock up on food, toilet paper ( I don’t know why) and just enjoy the last of the snow of the winter.

According to AccuWeather, the storm has been brewing since last week and will “take aim at parts of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska this weekend with a potentially historic snowfall that could bring travel to a standstill.”

I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the last of these beautiful winter weeks. Also, please don’t forget to bring your pets in doors many of them can’t handle the cold weather. Sophia made sure to take her dog out for a walk just before the snow gets bad.

snowzilla hitting wyoming and colorado
Lane, a fun loving Border Collie mix, enjoying a walk before the big snowfall in Wyoming.

From Accuweather:

AccuWeather forecasters say that Cheyenne, Wyoming, will be in the storm’s bull’s-eye and could potentially pick up the biggest snowstorm in the city’s recorded history. Denver may not set a new snowstorm record, but the Mile High City is still expected to be buried under hefty snowfall — and the hardest-hit areas could be left digging out from waist-deep snow with an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 60 inches predicted. 


Winter storm warnings were plastered across southeastern parts of Wyoming and northern Colorado, and winter storm watches extended farther east across southwestern South Dakota and western Nebraska on Friday. An avalanche watch was also posted for the Front Range mountains in Colorado. The wintry blast could feel all the more shocking because it is following closely behind springlike weather in some places like Denver, where temperatures averaged nearly 20 degrees above normal earlier this week.


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