Reflecting On The Biggest Crypto Hack Ever

Crypto is known to the masses as an investment vehicle and to some it is known as a payment source … [+] for scams and hacks. The gaming and crypto worlds have reacted strongly to the news of a major attack that cost one crypto-gaming network upwards of $625 million in assets. The Ronin hack […]

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The hidden costs associated with traditional web development

The time and money spent to build and maintain your business’ website extends far beyond the price tag of the initial software and build. By Vikas Bhagat, Director of Product Marketing at Webflow For years, enterprise web development has required engineering teams to make regular, sometimes cumbersome software and maintenance updates. But from cloud-based software […]

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5 Leaders Leveraging The Power Of Web 3 To Build The Future

The world of technology is venturing into uncharted territory. It feels a lot like the late ’90s out there, where a collective effort pushed online experiences into new realms of efficiency and effectiveness. Now, on the cusp of Web 3, interoperability and participatory culture are well established. Consumer demand is rising for something new. Technology […]