October 15, 2020 8:58 pm
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watch this town hall voter caught trump so off guard with this compliment that he actually turned red

With all the negativity and hatred surrounding Donald Trump, it’s so nice to see moment like this where you can see he’s just human like the rest of us.

During tonight’s town hall, a voter caught Trump majorly off guard when she complimented the presidents smile, saying he’s “so handsome” when he smiles.

You can see that Trump turns bright red over this compliment.

So wholesome and sweet!

Watch the video:

Other Twitter users agreed that this moment was absolutely adorable!

“Well. He does.”

“That was great and timely. My favorite president needed that little boost!”

”That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. #ShesSwooning 🥰”

“Fun to see him embarrassed”

“I would tell him the same thing! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in person and tv doesn’t do him justice….he’s a very handsome man I must say! 🥰”

“That was really nice.”

“People should compliment smiles more often. World would be a better place”

“She’s right ya know. ❤️“

It’s so fun to see this other side of our president.

It’s a great light moment in the middle of the chaos surrounding Trump.

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