September 19, 2020 9:35 am
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tragedy of epic proportions two dead 14 wounded in rochester shooting

Two people are dead and 14 others were injured in a mass shooting at a party in Rochester, New York.

The violence occurred shortly after midnight at an outdoor party in the backyard of a house, sending scores of people running for their lives, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. There were more than 100 people at the party when the shooting took place.

In addition to the 14 people who were shot, two other people suffered injuries while fleeing from the gunfire.

Acting Police Chief Mark Simmons said that the two people who were killed were in their late teenage years or early 20s and spoke about the magnitude of the shooting during a 3:45 a.m. briefing with reporters at the scene of the crime.

“This is truly a tragedy of epic proportions, if you ask me,” the acting chief said. “I mean 16 victims is unheard of, and for our community, who’s right now going through so much, to have to be dealt with this tragedy, needlessly, for people who decide to act in a violent manner is unfortunate and shameful, and we’re going to do everything that we can as a department to bring those people involved to justice.”

The police have not arrested any suspects, nor have they revealed how many shooters there might have been. It is also not clear what the motive for the carnage was.

Simmons said law enforcement wasn’t aware of the party before the gunfire broke out.

“This is yet another tragedy where individuals are having these illegal and unsanctioned house parties taking place in these properties,” Simmons said, adding that because of the coronavirus pandemic, the parties are unsafe, and when “you add in alcohol and violence […] it just becomes a recipe for disaster.”