June 26, 2020 8:11 pm
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President Donald Trump late Friday announced he has signed an executive order aimed at protecting the country’s monuments, memorials and statues.

“I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues—and combatting recent Criminal Violence. Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country!” the president announced on Twitter.

Earlier, Trump called for the arrest of protesters involved in this Monday’s attempt to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson from a park directly in front of the White House.

“MANY people in custody, with many others being sought for Vandalization of Federal Property in Lafayette Park. 10 year prison sentences!” Trump wrote in a Twitter post, tagging a notice from the FBI Washington Field Office.

At his first reelection campaign rally in months at Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 20, the president explicitly denounced the recent wave of statue-toppling.

“This cruel campaign of censorship and exclusion violates everything we hold dear as Americans,” he said at the rally. “They want to demolish our heritage so they can impose their new oppressive regime in its place.”

Trump added that an “unhinged left-wing mob” is attempting “to vandalize our history … tear down our statues, and punish, cancel, and persecute anyone who does not conform to their demands for absolute and total control.”

“We’re not conforming,” he said.

It is unclear who has been behind each monument’s vandalism and attack. However, Attorney General William Barr said recently that the DOJ has evidence that Antifa and other similar groups have “hijacked” initially peaceful protests triggered by the death of George Floyd.

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