September 18, 2020 10:12 pm
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trump issues chilling warning to rioters planning violence after his win well take care of business

There has been many murmurs that if Trump wins re-election in November that there will be violent riots like we’ve never seen before.

Just think of all the riots following his 2016 victory, as well as the most recent BLM ones and multiply that by a million

But Trump just stopped these lawless Marxist’s in their tracks by throwing down the gauntlet by issuing this chilling statement.

From Washington Examiner

President Trump told conservative radio host Dan Bongino that his administration would “take care of business” if people who were unwilling to accept the results of a Trump victory on Election Day turned violent.

In an interview on Friday, Bongino asked Trump if his administration was concerned about “the potential for violence by people not willing to accept the results of the election.”

“We want to win, and once we win, we’ll take care of business,” Trump replied. “We are winning now. We have polls — our polls show that we’re winning in Wisconsin, we’re winning in Arizona, and yet, the New York Times comes out with a poll that we’re nine down. We’re not nine down.”

Democrats and Republicans have speculated about how the opposing candidate’s supporters are likely to respond should their candidate lose. A report by the Transition Integrity Project, a group of bipartisan analysts, academics, and former campaign and government officials, predicted, among a slate of potential outcomes, that a close result could lead to street violence.

Amen to Trump staying strong and facing these threats with the utmost bravery.

It’s imperative that conservatives unite and face this potential violent opposition, because as Greg Gutfeld stated, there’s a serious possibility that Trump supporters will be target in new, gruesome ways.

From Washington Examiner

“Because if Biden loses, I’m being told that there will be blood everywhere. There will be riots, there will be demonstrations. People like me will be targeted ’cause we have to understand, we have to understand and predict these consequences in reality. I’m not joking,” he said. “The Dems and the media have portrayed this election as good versus evil. It’s actually been said that way on this show, which means that if Trump wins … it’s almost required that the good take to the streets and punish the evil.”

He urged politicians and members of the media to work together to ensure there won’t be mass violence if the president wins reelection.

“The media and our leaders have to come together and discuss a way to diffuse this situation because we’ve only got 50 days,” Gutfeld continued. “We’ve been using demonic language to marginalize half the country. And they’re going to get hurt if Trump wins. I will put my life savings on that. We have to start thinking about that now.”

We all pray that a reality like this will not come to pass.

But we can rest assured that president Trump will do everything in his power to keep law-abiding Americans safe from these threats.

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