October 25, 2020 9:13 am
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Trump Makes His Case in North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin

President Donald Trump, who rallied in Waukesha, Wisconsin, said that he is fighting for the American middle class and that his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, is fighting for his family and son.

“I fight for the middle class. He’s actually fighting, I think, for Hunter. The Biden family and his cronies, what they’ve done is a disgrace,” the president said on Saturday night, referring to Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals while his father was the vice president. Biden’s campaign and Biden have repeatedly denied that his family was involved in an influence-peddling scheme in several countries.

During last week’s final debate, Trump cast himself again as the insurgent candidate upending the status quo set during the Obama administration. He repeated a statement he made during the last debate that he ran because of former President Barack Obama’s and Biden’s policies during their two terms in office.

“I had a much easier life than this, I’ll be honest with you,” Trump said of his life before his successful run for president in 2016. “Thought this might’ve been a little easier. I didn’t know the swamp was that deep.”

“We’ve done a lot of these,” Trump said of his numerous campaign rallies over the weekend. “They say, ‘How the hell do you do it?’ I say, ‘There’s a lot of love here. It’s easy when there’s a lot of love.’” He added: “I don’t mind doing it.”

In Ohio, the president said that “I wouldn’t have run, Joe, if you did a good job. I had a very nice life. I wouldn’t have run if you did a good job.” He also held a rally in North Carolina.

During the rallies, he went after his opponent on economic issues, including Social Security, taxes, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Epoch Times Photo
Epoch Times Photo
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a drive-in campaign stop at Bucks County Community College in Bristol, Pa., on Oct. 24, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Biden on Saturday responded to Trump’s assertion that he wants to cut Social Security.

“If in fact [Trump] continues his plan to withhold the tax on Social Security, Social Security will be bankrupt by 2023 with no way to make up for it. This is the guy who’s tried to cut Medicare,” he added. “The idea that Donald Trump is lecturing me on Social Security and Medicare? Come on.”

In North Carolina, the president said he would help the United States lead an economic comeback in the midst of mass layoffs this year due to pandemic-related shutdowns.

“This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression,” Trump said at the Robeson County Fairgrounds in Lumberton, N.C.

In contrast, Biden predicted a resurgence of the CCP virus and a resulting “dark winter.”

“It’s going to be a dark winter ahead unless we change our ways,” Biden said of Trump’s attempts to contain the coronavirus, according to Reuters.

Biden was addressing supporters in the town of Bristol, Pennsylvania, who had gathered in pickup trucks or cars, many with their windows or sunroofs down, to avoid possible CCP virus infection. Biden’s campaign limited each vehicle to a maximum of four passengers.

At one point, Biden called out a group of Trump supporters who were shouting into microphones nearby. “We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphone are doing. The Trump guys. It’s about decency.”

Reuters contributed to this report.

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